3 Best WordPress Copy Paste Protection Plugins

3 Best WordPress Copy Paste Protection Plugins
September 29 20:25 2016

As we gave many common solution for the wordpress users. Many short and better technique already been given for your suitable work. We are here to give some important matter to you. If you are a wordpress user or using website by wordpress this is for you. Cheek this if you not yet done into your website.

In this days this is very easy to stolen you data content from your website. Many of them can able to do this by spam bots. So this is very easy to copy data and even easy to paste on their own websites. Thus leads to weakening to your SERPs on Google.

For this matter we are here to give your 3 best WordPress copy/paste protecting plugins. This will help you to protect your unique blog content from being stolen. See this as follows……..

3 Best WordPress Copy/Paste Protecting Plugins:

  1. WP-CopyProtect WP:- One of the proven best plugin is CopyProtect. This is nice feature to secure your blog content and stop copy pasting bots from stealing your content. CopyProtect working by disabling the right-click on the webpage as well as disabling inspect element feature of Google chrome which makes the bots difficult to copy your content. One important think is There are no side-effect on SEO if you install and activate WP-CopyProtect plugin.

This has some following Features:

  • Disable right-click on your blog with popup message (Please don’t copy)
  • It helps you to disable text selection so n00bs can’t copy your content easily
  • You have provided settings page to apply above settings to all users or specific category of users like Admin
  1. WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click: For the protect your blog posts/pages or even custom post types from being copied by yet another online visitor will good work by the WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click WordPress plugin. This will minimize even spam bots in your websites. More over, this plugin will keep your posts, pages as well as the homepage protected by multiple techniques such as JavaScript + CSS3. This plugin will give more features for this plugin in paid version if you ever wish to use.

This has some following Features:

  • Protect your content from selection and copy
  • This plugin makes protecting your posts/pages and custom post types extremely easy without having to yell at your readers or new visitors
  • The right-click function will not work on your site so that no one can save images from your website (But Tools like lightshot may ruin this effort 🙁 )
  • It displays alert message, image ad or HTML Ad on save images or right-click
  • None of these keys work: CTRL+A, CTRL+X, CTRL+C, CTRL+S or CTRL+V
  • Easy to use
  1. WP Content Copy Protection: This is one of the very simple WordPress plugin for the content protection from your websites. WP Content Copy Protection has nice workable options that by the common method you can avoid the spam and bots or any noob users. Also who are try to copy your content are mouse selection, keyboard keys like Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V such as right-click and source code viewing are all disabled with this plugin.
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