70 Minutes Smart Car Dashboard Camera Launched on Xiaomi’s Mijia Platform at $28

70 Minutes Smart Car Dashboard Camera Launched on Xiaomi’s Mijia Platform at $28
September 30 16:48 2017

Xiaomi’s MIJIA Crowdfunding platform has been a birthplace to many interesting products. The latest one is called the “70-minutes SmartCar DVR Camera” and is available at an affordable price point of 189Yuan($28.) Xiaomi already has its very own Yi Dashboard camera, but the SmartCar DVR camera is a much more affordable dash cam aimed at first-time users.

The 70 Minutes Smart Car Dashcam features a Sony IMX323 image sensor that supports video recording of up to 1080p and is accompanied by a 130-degree wide angle lens which according to the manufacturer can cover the span of three highway lanes. The camera is stuck to the windshield glass using a suction cup, and the entire device is made up of glass so that it can withstand high temperatures.

The tilt angle of the camera can be adjusted by rotating the Dashcam in accordance with the slant of the windshield. That apart the 70 Minutes Smart Car Dashcam also has a led indicator, the blue indicates the device has been switched on while the green is used to indicate a normal recording session. In cases of abnormal recording sessions, the red light starts blinking. Needless to say, the Dashcam gets its source of power supply from the 12V outlet of the car or perhaps a USB port plugged into a cigarette lighter.

Despite being an affordable offering the 70 minutes Car Dashcam also supports voice command for different accents. The Dashcam can also connect with the smartphone and stream the wireless feed of the shooting session. I personally feel that the 70 Minutes Smart Car Dashcam comes with all the bells and whistles one would expect from a much expensive dashcam.

Source: GizmoChina

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