Our Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations Which Do not Require a Visa!

Our Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations Which Do not Require a Visa!
February 26 08:50 2017

Unplanned honeymoons happen to a lot of Indian couples. From the shopping to the planning to the endless ceremonies, the couple gets so tied up that honeymoon planning goes for a toss! But once the wedlock rituals are over, there’s sudden realization and regret.

But as newly-weds, you need to relax, rejoice but not regret and to ensure the same, we at Bandbaajaa.com are here for your rescue. A long peaceful vacay at a spectacular destination awaits you love birds as we bring to you our top 10 honeymoon destinations which require minimal or no paperwork. Cutting you some slack, all you need to do is book your tickets, pack your bags and get going for your first holiday as a married couple. Oh! And don’t forget the camera as your selfie-obsessed better half is going to get real mad.


From the Ruins of St. Paul to the Senado Square, this small peninsula in Mainland China is a perfect honeymoon destination. And what better when this ‘Las Vegas of Asia’ doesn’t require any visa formalities! Considering the extravagant malls and luxury labels Macau comes with, a shopping spree is definitely on the cards. 


Providing a visa on arrival facility, Indonesia has a lot which you can’t afford to miss! Bali being the hottest trending travel destination, Jakarta, Gili Islands and Lake Toba can very well feed the water baby in you!

Fiji Islands

If you wish to unwind and relax with your significant other by your side, the palm-lined beaches of Fiji are where your tickets need to take you. Providing a visa on arrival, recreational and adventure sports also know no bounds in Fiji. Plus the idea of a honeymoon on an island sounds pretty romantic, isn’t it?


White sand beaches, diving sights and the serenity of Maldives can make your honeymoon album quaint and scenic. With no visa needed, Maldives is a getaway you would want to visit over and over again. When we say it’s beautiful, we mean it!  


Mauritius is another breathtaking destination providing a visa on arrival facility is quite popular among Indians, be it for Bollywood films or as a vacation spot. This volcanic island nation known for its beaches and reefs and rainforests and flying fox at the same time is a destination ideal for adventurous couples.


Planning for a budget honeymoon? Well, Thailand is the place to be as this destination doesn’t compromise, providing you bits of history to tons of Thai adventure along with a visa on arrival. Also, don’t forget to spend a day at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market as it can fetch you some authentic snacks along with an experience totally thrilling! 


This Buddhist Kingdom makes it to our top honeymoon destinations for various reasons. One, Indians visiting their neighbor don’t require a visa! Second, the rich heritage and monasteries are a sight in themselves and finally, the valleys and the weather is what we favor the most. All these factors make Bhutan a very accessible option. Thinking of a second honeymoon already? 

Hong Kong

If you plan a 14-day long honeymoon to explore Hong Kong, save yourself the hassle of arranging for a visa! From traces of history to the true essence of a metropolitan city, Hong Kong is a mini world in itself. Also, we’re sure you can’t afford to miss the stunning ‘Symphony of Lights.’ 

Trinidad and Tobago

Ditch the much-hyped honeymoon destinations and head to Trinidad and Tobago and get a visa on arrival! Known for its biodiversity and endless parties, this destination is great to unfurl and unravel post-wedding.  


The home to Bob Marley, this destination can let you two rock and roll that too besides the beach! With a visa on arrival service, the Martha Brae can help you soak up some tropical scenery along with giving you an insight to the rich flora and fauna Jamaica has.  

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